Boarding Department



CThe Boarding Department is a key and sensitive one and the systems embraced to run the department determine to a large extent the mood and environment under which the entire school operates.

In Masii Boys’ School the Boarding Department is dynamic and covers a wide range of affairs, meant to make the school a beautiful and comfortable home for the boys.  The department takes care of the students’ personal grooming, cleanliness and hygiene in the halls of residence, kitchen welfare and students’ health matters.  To achieve its objectives the department has established;-

ü  An elaborate dormitory system that comprises ten houses namely;-

1.       Kifaru

2.       Chui

3.       Nyangumi

4.       Simba

5.       Ndovu

6.       Nyati

7.       Mamba

8.       Mbuni

9.       Twiga

10.    Kiboko

The department conducts inter-house competition on cleanliness, academics and games, and the winning houses hold goat-eating parties.  In cleanliness, Mamba, Simba, Nyati and Ndovu have taken an upper hand; Twiga, Chui and Nyangumi have been tops in sports, and Kifaru, Mbuni and Kiboko have excelled in academics.

The Kitchen and Dining Hall are facilities that serve the students well.  The students’ menu is balanced and adequate.  The department runs a sanatorium which is managed by a qualified school nurse.  This has ensured maintenance of good health care among the boys.

The department has also laid future plans to realize greater heights of success, like;-

ü  Construction of a modern ablution block

ü  Revival of the former Kifaru House.

ü  Construction of more urinals.

The department is manned by;-

ü  One head of department.

ü  Two assistant heads of department

ü  Ten house masters/mistresses

ü  Ten assistant house masters.

ü  One boarding captain

ü  One assistant boarding captain

ü  Ten house captains and

ü  Ten assistant house captains

With Gods grace through the relentless and selfless effort of the school administration and the above team, the department has truly succeeded and with the same effort guaranteed the department will keep budding towards higher horizons.  We believe, better is not good enough, the best is yet to come