Technical department



The technical subjects department is comprised of three subjects.  The subjects are;-

        i.            Computer studies

      ii.            Electricity 

    iii.            Music

The subjects are practical where students learn a lot of skills.   In many cases the students end up being very successful self-employed workers as computer engineers, electricians and musicians.

The teachers who handle the subjects are;-

        i.            Mr. Mutua Kyalaani - Computer studies

      ii.            Mr. William Muli - Electricity

    iii.            Mr. Shadrack Sila - Music

The HOD is W. Muli, who is also the subject head – Electricity.  Mr. Mutua is Computer Subject Head while Mr. Sila is Music subject head.

The Department produced the best performed subject in KNEC  Exam in 2010 and 2011 in the school.

In conclusion, the subjects have made many students to be Technical professionals.