Wildlife Club



First registered in 1977.  Activated in 1997 through the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya. (W.C.K)

Objectives of the club

ü  Planting more trees in the surrounding areas e.g around the school compound and also surrounding the fences in the school compound.

ü  Teach the community about the Environment.  i.e collecting waste material which may expose the environment.

ü  Compiling ideas towards conservation of environment and take care e.g to refuse cutting down of trees which leads to desertification.

ü  Participating in the activities organized in Wildlife Club of Kenya (WCK) headquarter e.g trips and conferences seminars.

ü  Interacting with local communities to gain knowledge i.e how to manage environmental to remain an attractive and take care about it.

ü  To have wide range of activities both short and long range based on environmental challenges in the surrounding areas.

ü  Planting several types of flowers around the classes.


ü  Has educated on Wildlife conserving condemning issues as poaching; educated on endangered species like white Rhino.

ü  Teachers have been trained at seminars at Giraffe Centre.

ü  Has visited Nyeri National Park, Aberdare National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park, Hells Gate National Park in Naivasha, Tsavo West and East National Park, Amboseli National Park, Ol Donyo Sabak National Park, Animal Orphanage, Nairobi Safari Walk, Giraffe Centre in Karen.

ü  Has planted over 200 species of trees which dried due to lack of water.  Has planted flowers.

ü  Has one time made many waste bins for school compound and few benches for group discussions.

ü  Teachers have been trained at seminars at Giraffe Centre and regular reader of Komba magazine and other related materials.


Has discussed topics on Birds, Trees, Soil erosion, Dams and their importance, irrigation, forest fires, sea and importance, pollution types and effects.


Education on income generating projects as tree planting, Dairy farming, chicken and pigs rearing, rabbit keeping and bees, recycling and reusing of waste.  E.g empty shoe polish cans can be used to make flower stands.

Horns of animals from abbatoir can be used for artifacts, feathers from birds  can be used for drawings and collage making in art.

Insisted on collection of papers to be used in recycling since they take about 400 years to decompose and can cause trees not to root well hence dry.


Participates in National Essay writing and Art and has sometime had a student win and gone for free trip around Kenya and won a cup and a certificate.


The club loves clean environment and freshy aired spaces.

Future objectives.

ü  Have natural nature trail.

ü  Visit far places as Mombasa, Malindi.

ü  Keep over 200,000/- club money from an income generating project.

ü  Feed school with eggs once a week from project.

ü  Have a bio gas project from wastes in school to help in energy saving.

ü  Hope our students join University to learn conservation.

ü  More visits like before of mobile educational services (MEU) from Kenya Wildlife Services to see films

ü  Take a poem or drama for outside competitions.

ü  Help needy students from project money.

ü  Rear guinea fowls as a project.

ü  Impact neighbours with conservancy as in cleanups, educate on recycling of wastes.

ü  Have a mushroom project.

ü  Cheer and help see the Agriculture projects on fish farming and Green House succeed for sight seeing.



Wildlife integrates other subjects into its learning like poems on animals, narratives, puns, plays animal games and integrates Christian Religious Education where we show difference of animal behavior and human using Bible verses and learn about our creator from Genesis 1-2 which involves guidance and counseling sessions.


ü  How to stop deforestation in wood artifacts and have other materials replace the trees like kisii soap stone or anything else.

ü  Desires to plant tree seedlings that mature in 3 years or less.

ü  Have a scout club to take care of the wildlife.

ü  Ignorance from the community on cutting of trees and lack of better disposal points.


We appreciate God for His creation work and aspire to go back to him having taken care of environment as he commanded Adam and Eve to be managers not destroyers.