ü  The Languages Department Masii Boys’ High School offers two compulsory subjects in the curriculum viz: English language and Kiswahili Lugha.

ü  The Department in is headed by the H.O.D languages whose sole duty is to plan, organize, direct and control the teaching of the two languages in the school within the confines of the languages syllabus.  Great emphasis in the Department is put on the imparting of English Language skills to students in all forms owing to the fact that English Language plays a major role in a student’s school life.  Through English Language, a student is supposed to manipulate the rest of the curriculum-English being the language of instruction in all learning institutions in Kenya.  Members in the Department are therefore tasked to ensure that they offer effective and efficient services that will deliver results on the afore-stated end.

ü  With the advent of the new constitution, Kiswahili Lugha has been elevated to language of official communication just like English.  With the emisaged integration of the East African Countries, Kiswahili Lugha is destined to play a major role not only as a ‘lingua franca’ but a language that will propel the commercial interests of member states.  This and other factors helps to underscore the cardinal role played by the two languages in the curriculum hence their compulsory slot in the same.

ü  It cannot go without mention that a student whose linguistic skills/abilities are well grounded will find it a smooth ride his/her entry into life outside school.  As members in the Department, we thrill in the realization that a student who could not write and communicate in fluent language is able to do so at the end of the 4 years course.  Value addition in terms of linguistic skills is therefore a key Modus Operandi in the Department.

ü  We also in the Department realize that our subjects do contribute a lot to the school’s overall mean at the end of every 4 years.  This is why delivery of quality results in examinations is also part of our mandate as languages department.  Members of the department have therefore agreed in this regard to be guided by the spirit of hard work, team work, mutual respect, diguity and integrity in ensuring that work targets, meeting deadlines that are work related are strictly adhered to.  Doors to the department power house have been widely opened for students to walk in every time for consultations and am happy to register my satisfaction in the manner in which members are gearing up to this challenge.

ü  The department however has had to grapple with some challenges viz: shortage of reading materials in the library, shortage of teaching staff, pronjeration of ‘sheng’ language and mother tongue interference.  We in the department are prepared to tackle these challenges headlong.

ü  With the aforesaid in mind, let me conclude by saying that we are determined than ever before to register a marked improvement in the delivery of results in all areas where our services will be needed.  In this, we look forward to full support from all concerned to realize our goal.

                Thank you and be blessed.