GTFor the last five years Drama Club has risen to become one of the most coveted Clubs in the school.  It becomes so hard for the patron to do vetting for the team.  We have become Champions in Eastern Province expecially in our Choral verses. Some of the verses that have shaken the Drama world include;- CHIKITIKA, SHAMBA LA PEPETA, PARADISE, CHIMBO LENYE HAZINA, CHATU, KISIMA, NA CHAMCHELA.

Most important is that Drama Club has been a great house of talents.  Boys have been able to identify and exploit their talents through Drama.

To date we have our old boys in the theatre world.  Some are already in media houses, moving theatres and media colleges.

A few years one of our own Raju was acting in the famous CITIZEN T.V SOAP, TAHIDI HIGH, before proceeding abroad for further studies, another talented actor Antony Atandi featured in ‘Dramas of life’which featured in NTV.

Dancan Maina left in 2007 and created a moving theatre that has traversed the whole of RiftValley show casing the K.C.S.E set books.

One Thomas Mbatha  a media student at EAMI (East Africa Media Institute) has managed to transform acting in the ‘Changamka Theatre Group’ to a very high class.

Keith Mboya who left in 2008 and is now in the Kenya Airforce and he says he will bring theatre to the force.

This is first but to mention a few. This success has been brought by high standards of commitment and discipline.

The Patron Mutava Charles is a National Adjudicator in the National Drama Festival Kenya and he has adjudicated at the National Drama Festival, the latest being 2010 at Kisumu.  He is also a National Facilitator in Drama and last year he facilitated in both the Kenya National Drama Workshop at Kisumu.

Later last year he was picked by the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) to facilitate teachers who were proceeding to Rwanda for a peace trip.

He is also a National Adjudicator in the Kenya Music Festival.  He adjudicated at the Nationals in 2009, 2010 and this year (2012) he will be sitting at the National Bench at Meru School to adjudicate Kiswahili verses and other African verses.  With this experience he is ready to take Masii Boys to another level of acting.

God bless our Principal Mr. Muthusi for the tireless support all through our Drama Festivals.


God bless our Drama Club.